How the appropriate materials that constitute a packaging show of the product’s quality and values?

S & Team - How the appropriate materials that constitute a packaging show of the product’s quality and values?

The consideration behind the finding of the appropriate materials for the design of a product packaging consists of extensive research and ideas leading to a 'compound' that will allow the packaging creation.

Every product has its own character and voice in order to approach the target group aspires to invest in. That character comes out by a well-positioned design and an absolutely representative brand identity. Packaging design is not only that. The materials shape and complete the product and its personality.

When we refer to materials, we essentially talking about the fact that a packaging consists of paper, plastic or glass. A product might come with a base, in a box or another kind of packaging that protects it.

All side materials that might be included can be a product tag, twine or a wooden lid that usually support the product’s naturalness and authenticity and ‘betray’ its origin. Of course, the packaging might be constituted by many and different kinds of materials so that the product’s target to be served.

It is necessary to consider the values that we want to be shown off by the brand we plan to promote to our target group as a product cannot respond in each and everyone's desire.

Our design and materials that we choose have to respond to the desires of the target market we aim to approach. It is really important that the final product would make the consumer want to buy it so by image as of the feeling it creates to him. The truth is that we first ‘taste’ by sight.

Just an extra detail. Packaging should be practical except for presentable. Its size should be easy-carried, protective and not overstepping the predictable budget. Generally, every action that we make and each of the materials that we choose in order to complete the packaging design should be connecting to the personality of the brand.

At S & Team, we follow a direction from the concept to the final packaging design. It is important for us to look at every aspect of the brand you want to 'bring to life', so we devote ourselves to a project that includes an adequate and ongoing study around the market and the consumer to whom your product is addressed. That is why we invest enough time in this process. The final product that we deliver to you responds to the brand's values and character and differs between the competition. Besides, our primary goal is always to differentiate products among corresponding ones' in order to gain the 'appreciation' and the preference of our potential consumer.