The brand is not just a logo!

S & Team - The brand is not just a logo!

The brands’ logo constitutes its identity and image. The creation of a logo is an important step for brands’ communication process. Nevertheless, the logo is not the brand itself.

There are elements that shape the brand and also differentiate it from rivalry while get it emotionally connected with its target audience. At S & Team through a specific process we start from the research and definition of the brand. That process includes:

Research and brand’s definition:
- Feels
- Looks
- Speaks
- Behaves
- Dreams

The visual identity shapes the brand including the logo.

- Logo
- Graphics and graphic representation
- Typography
- Content creation
- Brand identity
- Packaging
- Communication
- Website

The final outcome that arises from our process is a well-done project that has the absolutely necessary elements in order to compete with other brands while gains the customer’s preference through its storytelling and values.

Finished brand’s materializing we shape the communication strategy needed in order to attract the target audience and make it interact with your product.

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