S & Team at EBGE AWARDS 2019

S & Team - S & Team at EBGE AWARDS 2019

March 29th 2019

An excited voice announced us through the phone our distinction at EBGE AWARDS 2019. The testimony would be at Thessaloniki this time, where we should also be in order to receive our won-project’s pride. Bee Naturalles project was the one that distinguished in Cosmetics Packaging category.


May 5th 2019 – 19:15

We prepared, booked our flight tickets and have flied to Thessaloniki to present at Music Concert Hall where the award ceremony would take place. The Concert Hall is full of creative minds that came here to see their work to glorify. (Guess who’s between them)


May 5th 2019 – 21:00

The auction is in progress and we are not late to hear the announcement about S & Team's work. And yes. We have just received a special trophy - praise that we will definitely place somewhere ... discreetly in our office, to remind us that our endeavor is bearing fruit and ... essential brands! We were delighted to welcome every applause that heard in the amphitheater and to distribute our own applause generously to all participants who were nominated for this year's awards. Of course, the party that followed the awards had its honor.

May 6th 2019

We returned to our office having in mind all the moments of the ceremony, but also a sense of joy for the praise we received from our work. Additionally, our creation mood has grown a bit further. We are more determined and focused on our goal.

"Designing brands that emotionally connect with their audience"

With one basic prerequisite; Design them with you.