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Bringing Papadeas’ exhibition stand to life

S & Team - Bringing Papadeas’ exhibition stand to life

Food Expo 2018 opens its doors tomorrow and our exhibition stand for Papadeas Vinegars “stands proud and tall” in the middle of the hall. We teamed up with architect Vassilis Papadopoulos (shown in the photo) to do what we have done before: design a stand that stands out from the crowd.

For the concept behind Papadeas’ stand we got inspired by a vineyard with grape berries growing at different altitudes. To convey this, we crafted a structure of hollow wooden blocks in diverse heights. The hollow blocks serve multiple roles, from showcasing products, to doubling as stools, tables, or storage units. What’s more, we wanted the stand to show the kind of innovative thinking that Papadeas Company values. A thinking that's apparent in their new product line of balsamic pearls made using molecular gastronomy techniques.

As you can tell, we'll be spending the next couple of days at Food Expo. You are more than welcome to come and say hello at Hall 3, C 26