Case Studies

Photoshooting for Dassyras Micro-Roastery

S & Team - Photoshooting for Dassyras Micro-Roastery

This time, our client Dassyras reached out to us wanting to create a modern web design for Dash espresso. Right from the start, we made it clear that we and stock photos have bad chemistry and that their website should instead be “dressed” with real photos of Dassyras micro-roastery. It kind of goes without saying that stock photos show a lack of authenticity and make websites look impersonal.

And so with the help of our charms and convincing blabla we talked them into planning a photoshoot. The eye of talented photographer Alexis Kamitsos managed to capture perfectly well Dassyras’s micro-roastery’s atmosphere. So well you can almost smell the coffee! But for the time being, you can just get a glimpse. Please wait patiently until Dash’s website is up and running.