Just published our first short story!

S & Team - Just published our first short story!

It all started about a year ago. That's when our copywriter Alexia decided to ask Evaggelos - our big boss - to read some short stories she had written. While waiting for his feedback, her heart rate reached about 200 bpm. Eventually, after what seemed like ages, Evaggelos came to her and told her that he loved (most of) her stories and would be interested in publishing them (fireworks explosion sound). Evaggelos’ idea was to create an umbrella brand with the name CROP, under which small-scale concepts and design products would be sold, including our short stories. And this is how it all began!

The title of our first story is "Cyberchondriac." It's about a girl who compulsively searches the Internet for diagnoses about symptoms of illness. Aggeliki Gigi, our senior designer, has put all her talent in creating fantastic illustrations for our story. It really is love at first sight. We owe many thanks to our friend, Sophia Ladopoulou, who served as editor. However, we also couldn't have done it without Ektipotiki Axion, Printing Office - they made sure that our short story came out just the way we imagined.

Coming soon to a shop near you! And who knows? Maybe we will translate into English, for our friends abroad.