We develop a genuine relationship and a strong bond with our clients which bring results


S & Team was established in 1998 with the aim of designing brands to have an impact. In order to achieve this, we cooperate closely with our clients and encourage them to play an active part in every stage of the project. Together we make clear the vision and the values of the brand, as well as the target audience, so that decisions are based on strong foundations. Decisions that materialise into designs that capture the public’s attention, building a mutual emotional bond.

based on
our values


We filter data, make targeted decisions, then design with this in mind. Our aim is to create a brand whose objective and message is clear across the spectrum of applications. Through the text, the design and all means of communication, we help the brands tell their story and achieve their strategic goals.


We are fully aware of and supervise every project from start to finish. The procedure consists of many stages and actions, which demand loyalty, alertness and the ability to make meaningful decisions. We use our experience and specialization to offer solutions to every challenger, and we guarantee results. We know that the future of your brand rests with us – that’s why we’re with you every step of the way and want you to feel safe with us.

What we want is for people to work together with a smile on their face


Our clients tell us they feel at home in our office. We’re a friendly lot and have an optimistic outlook about everything. We believe in smiles, good moods, and honest relationships. We are certain that this leads to a friendly atmosphere, which helps to build understanding and successful co-operation. We really take an interest in your goals and ambitions, like a friend who knows the way to help you.


Aesthetics play a vital role in our office, in the way we design. Regardless of the method, we always make sure that the visual designs are well thought out and catch the eye, as people, by nature, are attracted to beauty. The visual elements, the choice of material, the correct structure and perfect balance combine in harmony to provide flawless results.

We use our diversely different personalities which combine creatively and strategically to produce a harmonious result
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Managing Director
Evangelos Set up the office in 1998, putting all his energy into what needed doing to become a successful brand. He loves coffee and that’s why the office has taken on many corresponding projects. Nothing happens by chance. He enjoys meetings, listening to people’s stories and what they want to achieve.
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Graphic Designer
Once we have a good idea, Leonidas is the one who brings the brand to life. He gives it shape, colour and an identity. He loves creative ideas, the right brief, design details and organization. Oh, he also loves sweets!
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Graphic Designer / Illustrator
Virginia likes colors and clean design. Calm as a person, very good at discussion and exchange of views. She will hear the directions, she will think, she will design. She enjoys listening to music, exercising and traveling.
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Graphic Designer
Constantine is what you see: happy! He listens before he plans, thinks everything through before he suggests anything and always backs up his decision. A calm happy person, with a positive outlook. He loves healthy food, working out and hanging out with Louis.
S & Team -


Mandy is the person who turns the personality of the brand into words. She likes to discuss new ideas and create stories. When she's not writing, she watches movies, reads everything she can get her hands on and (tries to) cook.