We nurture genuine relationships with our clients, actively listen, and deliver effective solutions


S & Team is a team of professionals in the branding field united by a common goal: to produce exceptional work. We design brands that are taking their first steps or wish to redefine their position, based on study and research. Our approach centers on a comprehensive understanding of the brand, drawing from our extensive experience since establishing our business in 1998. We stand by our clients, empathetically listen to their needs and desires, and collaborate at every project stage to craft a brand with a lasting impact, thriving in the market for years to come.

based on
our values

Clear Message

We filter data, make targeted decisions, and design while preserving the essence. The objective is for the brands we create to have a clear purpose and message communicated consistently across all platforms. Through copywriting, design, and every form of communication, we assist brands in telling their unique story and accomplishing their strategic goals.


We have complete knowledge and oversight of every project, from start to finish. The project lifecycle consists of many stages, demanding dedication, vigilance, and the ability to make meaningful decisions. We use our experience and expertise to offer solutions to every challenge and guarantee the desired outcome. We know that you are investing in the future of your brand when you come to us – that’s why we are by your side at every step, making sure you feel secure.

What we want is for people to work together with a smile on their faces


Entrusting us with your brand is an investment, and we want you to feel completely assured. That’s why we listen to your goals and ambitions with genuine interest, aiming to find the best path to achieve them. We believe in smiles, positive attitudes, and sincere relationships because we believe these elements create the ideal atmosphere for effective communication and successful collaboration.

Our diverse personalities blend creatively and strategically to produce a harmonious result
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Managing Director
Evaggelos set up the office in 1998, investing all his energy into building a successful brand. He loves coffee and that’s why we’ve taken so many corresponding projects within the office. Nothing happens by chance. He enjoys meetings, listening to people's stories and what they want to achieve.
S & Team -


Graphic Designer
Once we conceive a solid idea, Leonidas is the driving force behind bringing the brand to life. He loves creative ideas, precise briefs, design details and organization. Oh, he also has a sweet tooth!
S & Team -


Graphic Designer
Constantine is what you see: happy! He listens before he plans, thinks everything through before he suggests anything and always backs up his decision. A calm happy person, with a positive outlook. He loves healthy food, working out and hanging out with Louis.
S & Team -


Mandy is the person who turns the personality of the brand into words. She likes to discuss new ideas and create stories. When she's not writing, she watches movies, reads everything she can get her hands on and (tries to) cook.