Co-design is an organised procedure to successfully connect the brand with its target audience



The first step is to organise a meeting where we can discuss and mutually understand the establishment and the vision of the brand. Through this, we gather the essential information about the brand and its aims, leading to the formation of the basic pillars:

  • The aim of the product
  • Promises made to the public
  • Its values
  • Its individuality
  • Its story


When the initial research and studies for the brand are complete, we organize a workshop. Here we present the findings and suggest means of visual identity, brand voice and communication. The workshop results in establishing how the brand:

  • Feels
  • Seems
  • Speaks
  • Acts
  • Dreams


Now aware of the characteristics, we move on to development, breathing life into the brand. We design the visual identity, establish the brans voice and develop communication across a range of applications. Only when this step is completed, is it time to introduce the brand to its audience.


Emotional Connection

A successful emotional bond between the brand and its consumers depends on continued interaction between the two. Using strategic actions and a plan, we guide the brand onto the market and into people’s lives, communicating its values and laying the bases for commercial success.