Creating a packaging that tells a lot about the brand’s product purity and quality


S & Team - Verolive

The story

Verolive is a Cretan family business of handmade organic creams and soaps with olive oil. Few years ago the company moved into the hands of the next generation, which has added its new and fresh perspective and has opened up new business paths. Therefore the old logo and packaging could no longer reflect the quality and evolution of the brand. It is one of those occasions when the brand’s image was keeping the brand back.


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S & Team -
S & Team -

The logo

So, we were given “carte blanche” to redesign the logo as we wished. But, besides the temptation we – fortunately – know how to put limits. We knew that the logo had to include an olive for 2 reasons: 1. Because olive oil is the brand’s basic ingredient and 2. And most importantly because we wanted the new logo to be somehow relevant with the old one. So, the olive symbol is part of the redesigned logo too. But, in a completely different way; in an abstract and minimalistic way to further underline the notion of “clearness”.
The colors used also act as a “bridge” between the old and the new logo, both the dark yellowish green color (of olive) and black.
The font used is neither too modern nor too old.  Cause at the end of the day, Verolive is not a new cosmetics line, but a line that holds the experience of a brand that has been in business for more than 10 years.

The packaging

We approached the design of the packaging, using white color as a canvas to bring the logo into focus. Given that there was a lot of content that had to be included in the packaging and in order to avoid information piling up, we combined two types of typography and colors to reach clarity and readability.
So, together with the Verolive people we managed to overpass some barriers, such as constrained budget and packaging regulations, “achieving a packaging design that tells a lot about the products’ quality and that can sit as effortlessly on an organic shop’s shelf as on a spa’s rack”.

S & Team -
S & Team -
S & Team -
S & Team -
S & Team -
S & Team -
S & Team -


Through the cooperation with S & Team, we managed to do the rebranding we were dreaming of, entering into the new era of minimal aesthetics, which was unfamiliar for the local market until then.
Since our very first contact, they took precedence because of their direct word

and that was the decisive factor of our choice working with them.

More projects are yet to come!

John Tzortzakakis
CEO, Creatbeing, Verolive