Album cover design of an up-and-coming composer that is like music to people’s ears


S & Team - White Letter

The story

At the beginning of 2015, Stefanos Dorbarakis, a young and up-and-coming composer took a deep breath and decided to take the risk; write and release his first very own album. And so he wrote 11 orchestral songs, mixing classical and oriental traditional sounds, in which he collaborated with some of the most prominent Greek musicians. When everything was done, he went out to the graphic design market looking for an agency for the album’s name and artwork. And that’s where our paths crossed.


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S & Team -
S & Team -

The name

Having spent hours and hours listening to Stefanos’s music, our mind went into a more tuneful mode and so we started developing names to reflect the album’s personality. After we presented and thoroughly explained our proposals, Stefanos decided to go for Greek name “lefko gramma”, which means “white letter”. The name’s underlying concept is that Stefanos’s orchestral music is, in a metaphorical sense, a representation of a letter that does not use any words; a letter that does, however, speak to our hearts. Because Stefanos’s notes really do speak louder than words.

The album design

When it came to designing the album’s cover, we decided that we wanted to incorporate the concept of “letter” into the artwork. Therefore, we thought of creating an envelope to enclose the album. To add an element of panache, we created a custom monogram seal stamp to seal the envelopes. For the album artwork, we worked together with musician and calligrapher Lefteris Havoutsas to handwrite the album’s name “lefko gramma”. We also guided him in writing a short piece of text – for the album’s cover and CD – using an unreadable handwriting style and squiggles over the last two words, to create a feeling of writing anxiety, a feeling of “I can’t say it in words”. Lastly, the generous use of whitespace across the layout design further communicates the concept of “white letter”.

S & Team -
S & Team -
S & Team -
S & Team -


Creativity, inventiveness and aesthetics are concepts hard to find in times of socioeconomic crisis. More often when coming along with consistency and professionalism. That creates the hope that there are people willing to deal with offhandedness supporting and paying attention to aesthetics. S & Team is that ‘oasis’; that is the promise of an impressive, elegant and high standard outcome, to everyone decides to cooperate with S & Team. My first CD album named “White Letter” is about a year now (December 2016) amongst S & Team’s projects.

From the very beginning, the album appeared to have a strong potential since released from ‘Melodiko Karavi’ productions. The feedback I received so for content as for the packaging (folder with sealing wax) impressed me. S & Team will give your dream life. I owe a great “thank you” at S & Team as they made my dream actually come true. Can’t wait to meet you beyond our next cooperation.

Stefanos Dorbarakis
Composer – Musician, “White Letter”