Creating an exhibition stand with a strong dose of caffeine


S & Team - Scarlet’s Coffee

The story

Scarlet’s Coffee - a company with 50 years of experience in producing exquisite coffee - approached us to create a custom exhibition stand that will communicate its private label coffee services and attract new customers. A double espresso later, we are ready to start!

The exhibition stand

We started by examining what are the advantages that would make a potential customer who wants a tailor-made coffee blend, choose Scarlet’s Coffee to produce it. The results?
50 years of operation, facilities of more than 1000 sq. meters, daily production capacity of more than 5 tons, steadily importing coffee from more than 20 countries… This company is in the “center of coffee”!
That was the key phrase! With that in mind, we created a stand that resembles a side view cross-section of a coffee bean. The visitor, literally walks in the heart of a coffee bean accompanied by the smell of freshly-roasted coffee.
To further emphasize the private label service, we created a stand-alone logotype, that is surrounded by craft textures that reflect the naturalness of the coffee roasting process.


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