We’ ve been featured in Archisearch!

S & Team - We’ ve been featured in Archisearch!

After 19 years on the business, we tend to have pretty good intuition about our branding projects. We can tell if a logo is going to be successful. Such was the case with the ATHENS CREATIVE logo. From that first moment when we designed it, we knew it had potential. Fortunately, our clients saw that too. And so, some weeks ago, ATHENS CREATIVE's visual identity made it to the front page of Archisearch’s website.

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Archisearch is an online magazine which explores, selects and presents architecture and design projects throughout the world. Taking the role of an unconventional research tool, it seeks present and future cultural evolution through architecture, design, art, graphics and green/eco design. It poses questions aiming to provoke new thoughts and approaches. It has a vivid interest in experimentation and validation, whilst it underlines the wealth that lies within the coexistence of diverse ideas