Behind-the-scenes of Bee Naturalles photoshoot

S & Team - Behind-the-scenes of Bee Naturalles photoshoot

It was photo shoot day yesterday, and the day started very early in the morning, or perhaps we should better say “very late in the night” (we are not even sure whether 3:00 a.m. counts as morning or night). Anyhow, we woke up and drove 2 hours to Evia Island for Bee Naturalles’ photo shoot.

The photo shoot started at Metochi, a glorious, high mountainous area with jaw-dropping natural beauty. The location and time provided the perfect lighting conditions to shoot. We then put on our bee suits and went to photograph Bee Naturalles’ hives. It was a great experience, despite the fact that Evaggelos got stung on the lips after taking his hat off to talk on the phone. For the rest of the day he looked as if he had got silicone lip injections (seriously funny).

Next stop: Bee Naturalles lab to shoot the process behind the production. We can still smell the scent of the lab on our clothes. Ahh... all those aromas!

About 18 hours later, after having completed our photo shoot, we went back home with two filled-up memory cards and one swollen lip. Lesson of the day: Honey is sweet, but bees sting.