Brainstorming for a Printing Company

S & Team - Brainstorming for a Printing Company

Hello people! Long time, no see. How have you been? It is Friday today and Fridays are for unleashing creativity. So we thought you would might be interested in seeing one of our latest visual brainstorming mood boards.

Those of you who follow S & Team on Facebook, may have seen the revealing of Ektipotiki Axion new logo, which is the end result of this mood board. For those of you who do not follow us, now seems like a good time to click the like button on S & Team’s Facebook page. No pressure. (Have you clicked yet?).

Anyway, as we were saying, this mood board helped us make some crucial decisions regarding typographic directions and color palette. It was during this session that we decided to create an ampersand logo, not just for its intriguing character, but mainly because printing is inextricably intertwined with typography.

We are tempted to say more, but we think it would be better if you saw the whole picture; that is the whole visual identity. We think, actually we are sure, you are going to like it. Once we publish the project on our website, we will let you know - on Facebook ;) -.