Happy New Year to you all!

S & Team - Happy New Year to you all!

Every year, on the 2nd of January, we celebrate the start of the New Year at the office, with a meal and the so-called “cutting of the vasilopita”. “Cutting of the vasilopita?” - Greeks please bear with us for a while –, vasilopita is a food tradition that dates back hundreds of years. It is a sweet cake, which contains a hidden coin that gives good luck to the receiver, for the rest of the year. Evaggelos, therefore, being the head of the ‘household’, cut the vasilopita in 20 pieces; one for each member of S & Team, but also for some good friends and partners... A few suspenseful minutes later, we found out that the lucky winner of the coin was... S & Team! Oh, yes the office.

2021 already seems like a promising year. Let’s wait and see!

*In the image above you can see a piece of our vasilopita. Moments after this picture was taken, the piece “mysteriously” disappeared.