Meet Leonidas, S & Team’s Designer

S & Team - Meet Leonidas, S & Team’s Designer

Let us introduce him. You’ll never see his face in any digital channel. But that has nothing to do because what really interest us is today’s answers.

Who is Leonidas?
I’m still looking for it!

How did you decide to be a Designer?
A vague artistic aptitude in combination with an attraction to technology.

What kind of Designer you’d say are you?
A designer that keeps learning day-by-day.

Do you like a specific design type?
The crystal clear one.

How many colors do you count on palette? That’s hard to answer…
There are many so you can find the appropriate one in order for expressing the feeling you want.

What do you prefer doing in your spare time?
Spare time? Item not found.

If you had the choice to travel once and only in one country, which place would you prefer?
The place doesn’t matter when you have the right company.

Is there a designer you admire? Where do you get inspired from?
Inspiration lays around many things like colours, shapes, fonts…

Do you enjoy your daily routine at the office?
Taking everything into account, the fact that I already count 13 years in S & Team means much. We have the same philosophy with the whole team and dealing with each and every project that comes in the same way. I’d say, we’re a true match.