Backstage of ‘Cyberchondriac’ photo shoot

S & Team - Backstage of ‘Cyberchondriac’ photo shoot

As we have shared with you already, ‘Cyberchondriac’ our first self-published illustrated short story is finally out and available at bookstores and design shops in Athens, Greece. So we had this idea... to organize a photo shoot to further promote our book. But we just didn’t want to make it the standard way; to simply photograph its pages. We actually wanted to bring our illustrations to life and give it a surreal touch. So we all thought that our friend and photographer Alina Lefa was the best person for the job!

First we thoroughly discussed with her the shots and the atmosphere and then we spend a whole day at the centre of Athens seeking the perfect props. We went to thrift shops, fabric stores, graffiti stores and even to drug stores. And then we asked a good friend of ours, artist Antonis Kalamaras, to help us spray paint our props. At this point it should be noted that he did an awesomely good job!

The photo shoot went smoothly, just as we expected. To see the photos of our book click here: Κυβερνοχόνδρια