Something’ cooking… and it smells good

S & Team - Something’ cooking… and it smells good

For the past months, we've been attending a series of in-house Customer Experience training workshops led by industry veteran, Vassilis Vassiliadis (image above). The aim of the workshops was to learn how to better serve you, our customers. We learned how to use methods such as customer journey mapping* and customer experience personas*. More importantly, through this loooong and sometimes painful process, we have redefined our approach to bring better results to you. ‘But how?’, you may ask. By simply (and complicatedly) putting your customers at the center of our design, with the goal to raise brands that emotionally connect with people.

Thank you Vassilis, we will definitely miss those five hour workshops. They were worth every (painful) minute.

*Well, there’s not enough space on this page to explain these terms, but let’s discuss them over coffee. How do you like it?