What’s on Evaggelos’ desk?

S & Team - What’s on Evaggelos’ desk?

Evaggelos, our big boss, is a neat freak. His desk is huge (looks big enough to sleep on, if you're asking us). However, his stuff may only take up one-fifth of the available desk surface. His office pretty much consists of 4 things: his laptop, an old-school phone, his precious calendar and his hipsteresque glasses that are, in fact, presbyopic. He once forgot his glasses at home and had to hold reading materials about 90 cm away to be able to read them - no, we don’t mean to be mean.

Evaggelos cannot function without coffee. He has at least three flat-whites a day from KUDU - his favorite local coffee shop - which he keeps on his desk at all times. Strangely enough, coffee has no effect on him. 90% of the time, our paper sample book can be found on his desk. He likes the feel of paper in his hands (not in a creepy way). His favorite is ‘Curious Matter’ that is made of real potato starch! It’s no wonder that he chose this paper for our business cards.