What’s on Leonidas’ desk?

S & Team - What’s on Leonidas’ desk?

Leonidas, our Creative Director, is mostly minimalist and quite organized. His humongous iMac occupies the biggest part of his desk and apparently his heart. On the left side of his desk, you will find two organized piles of paper. Meeting drawings, doodles and logo sketches are just some of the little treasures hiding there. He has built a custom pen holder to keep his pens and highlighters, although he only writes with his Faber-Castell TK4600 Clutch Pencil – a classic option for artists. Leonidas has a cup of water as well as pantone color bridge within close reach – blue being his favorite color after yellow. Right now, the only decorative items he keeps on his desk are: 1. a McQueen mini car and 2. a pair of squeezable boobs. Don’t take this the wrong way. The latter is a gift from a colleague. He ain’t no perv!