Every product or service has its own story to tell. We make sure it’s heard

S & Team-Naming


Choosing a name for your company or product is one of the fundamental elements, as it’s the first thing that prospective clients will remember. The magic word that will correlate with your product or services.To be successful, it must tie in with the brand strategy and convey its message. At S and Team we can help you to find your brand name, by following a specific procedure. By analysing the brief, we define the basic needs, so that we can set the aim of the brand and by extension, the direction of the name. After that, we do our research, suggesting and deciding on a brand name that lays the groundwork for the branding and communication. An important consideration when choosing a name is that the domain name for the website and the social media is available.

Every brand name represents a personality


There are many directions you can go in when naming a product: the choice of language, should it be descriptive, allegorical, or a made up word. Important criteria are the subject of the brand, the target audience, and the strategy we have put into place.

What the appropriate name offers

A suitable name establishes the foundations for brand success. We know how we will speak, the story we have to tell, the tone of voice, the way to approach our audience, and how to make then love us. We feel sure that when the brand is introduced to the public, it will grab their attention.

Domain name registration

When the moment comes to present proposed names, we have already checked the availability of every suggested domain name, so that the final choice is covered by this important parameter. We continue with the registration of the chosen domain name, while we consider it a vital requirement to register the name with the responsible chamber of commerce.