Each brand is unique and respectively its image must be unique

S & Team-Branding


Every brand is unique and its image ought to be just as unique. Branding is the process of creating a unique identity for a company or a product. It’s the way to get market recognition and make it stand out from its competitors. The brand is a living thing, expressed through a name, a logo, corporate identity etc. The branding process is of vital importance, given that it influences the direction and success of a brand. At S & Team we begin the branding process by discussing thing with you, by means of a workshop, where together we decide upon the groundwork of the brand; values, aims, audience. We thoroughly analyze the data, the competition, the market and then set up the strategy and the “guarantee” that the brand will be giving to prospective clients. So, the placement and the message don’t come about by chance, but are targeted in a way that speaks to people’s hearts and minds.

We treat the brand as a human entity


Our method is based on co-operation. Co-design is a workshop, where you actively take part in all strategic decisions, which will set the future direction of your brand. Under our guidance and through discussion, we will share facts and knowledge, in order to arrive at a common vision. In this way, we put down the bases for the creation of a brand that we are proud of and that expresses us all.


Based on the decisions that we have made together, the brand comes to life through the design process. The choice of the brand’s visual elements (typography, colour palette, illustrations etc) combined with the way that it talks and behaves, leads to a comprehensive approach to the composition of a holistic identity.

Brand communication

From the moment the brand comes to life through visual identity, we introduce it to its intended audience. We are responsible for communicating the appropriate message, in the appropriate way, at the appropriate time and creating the interaction between the two. The brand’s identity is presented to the public through multiple means (promotional material, written matter, webpage, social media, campaigns), thus allowing the brand to form an emotional bond.