Integrated solutions to visual communications through a range of applications

S & Team-Visual Communication

Visual Communication

We offer integrated communication solutions through a range of applications. We have the experience and the knowledge to develop all the means that breathe life into a brand, targeting the ideal audience in an ideal way. We take strategic decisions to ensure successful product placement in the market. When a brand speaks to its audience, through whatever means, written, social media, campaigns, exhibition stands, etc, it needs a consistent visual identity and not be inconsistent in the way it communicates. This creates a cohesion which ensures complete recognizability for the brand, no matter how we come across it. We suggest extensive strategic communication, suitable to your budget. There isn’t only one ‘recipe for success’ that fits all brands. For that reason, we locate and suggest the means which will help you to succeed in your business aims.


Communication strategy
Printed matter design
Product catalogues
Infographics design
Pictogram design
Designing promotional material
Video production/Photoshoots
Designing exhibition stands
Written material
Content services
Social media

Efficiency in every contact with the public

Written Communication

Written communication is a vital tool, despite the rise in digital marketing. This is due to the fact that something tangible has a greater emotional impact on people. Based on the demands of the project, we choose the suitable paper form, creating the necessary content, choosing the printed material and production method, concluding in a complete entity.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing includes all the ‘digital tools’, making use of them to bring the brand and its audience together. Creating content for social media, campaign newsletters and optimization for search engines are only some of the means that we can use. This is always preceded by the strategy decided on together, based on the identity of the brand, the audience, and your goals.

Continual Support

To be successful, a brand needs a continuous and stable schedule, which is followed by the regular analysis of its results. This helps to build a successful strategy in the long run. By creating the conditions to produce constant interaction, we ensure a genuine emotional bond with its audience. That’s why we schedule regular meetings, assessing the progress and the attainment of our goals, while suggesting solutions to new challenges.