The packaging design should reflect the character of the brand and communicate its values

S & Team-Packaging Design

Packaging Design

The packaging must reflect the character of the brand and communicate its values. Successful packaging promises the product will do well. Packaging design must represent the values of the product and by extension, through the design, succeed in forming a bond with the public. At S and Team we design packaging with value, which stand out in the market. At S and Team we start package design after clarifying together the promise the product makes to its potential customers. We invest time in this stage, in order to have a deeper understanding of your product: researching the competition, target audience and its final placement. Only when we have completed all this do we start designing. In this way, we can obtain the desired results, making the product stand out to the public: seeing a product with ‘something substantial to say’, aiming for commercial success and a larger slice of the market. We want the public to love it and buy it again and again.

Packaging which yields commercial success

Materials and Production Research

For the packaging design to be complete and to make sure we have a successful outcome, research must include content search, paper, specialist materials, printing editing, specialist packaging and so on. Following our predetermined strategy, we suggest unique choices to highlight your product.

Production Supervision

What we have designed must finally be shown in the best light. Once the design is complete, we take care of the production with our chosen affiliates. We keep a close eye on things during production to ensure a sound result.

Product liaison

Our work doesn’t stop when the design and production are complete. We stay beside you going forward for whatever you need in the future: webpage design, promotional materials, guidance in communicating on a content level, photoshoots, and designing exhibition stands.