The packaging design should reflect the character of the brand and communicate its values

S & Team-Packaging


Effective packaging makes a promise to the consumer – it assures them that they’re about to have a great experience. Packaging design should embody the product’s values, thereby forging a connection with the public. At S & Team, we specialize in creating packaging that adds value and captivates in the market. We initiate the packaging design process only after defining the promise the product extends to its potential customers. We dedicate time to thoroughly understand the product: researching competitors, identifying the target audience, and determining its optimal placement. It’s only after completing this groundwork that we embark on the design phase. This approach ensures the desired results, enabling the product to stand out to the public: conveying a message that resonates, aiming for commercial success, and securing a larger market share. We want the public to love it and choose to buy it time after time.

Packaging which yields commercial success


We select the name by exploring various directions that a brand can take, based on its personality. The brand’s name is one of the first points of contact with the audience. We propose names that will capture the audience’s attention and create a good first impression. For each suggestion, we check the availability of the domain and social media handles.

Logo Design

The logo is one of the most crucial steps in visualizing the brand’s personality. After studying the brand, we create a logo that represents all of its characteristics, values, and promises to the audience. The goal is to give the brand a recognizable symbol that reminds the consumer of their positive experience with it.

Packaging Design

A product’s packaging is a vital part of the audience’s interaction with our brand. It is a tangible aspect of the brand that has the potential to enhance or detract from the overall experience. For this reason, we emphasize not only on the aesthetics and consistency of the brand’s visual identity, but also its functionality.


Creating the packaging for a product often necessitates illustrations that enrich the brand’s narrative. In this case, our team designs the illustrations based on the direction we have set.

Packaging material research

To ensure a comprehensive packaging design and achieve a successful result, research includes the search for containers, papers, special materials, printing processes, special constructions, etc. Always following the strategy we have predetermined, we propose unique choices that highlight the product.

Product liaison

Our work doesn’t stop when the design and production are complete. We stay beside you going forward for whatever you need in the future: webpage design, promotional materials, guidance in communicating on a content level, photoshoots, and designing exhibition stands.