Taking account of the strategic requirements of the brand, we design unique browsing experiences

S & Team-Web Design

Web Design

A website represents the digital presence of a brand in the marketplace. Through its design, it aims to create a distinctive browsing experience, which attracts potential customers and encourages then to revisit the site. At S and Team, we come up with personalised website suggestions, aspiring for online brand recognition, thus avoiding ready made topics. To us, the needs of each individual brand can only be ‘made to measure’. The procedure we follow for web design is as follows: a meeting is set up to discuss your brief in detail. The we decide on the format, the keypages, the content and its mode of operation. Our goal is to find a perfect balance between design, easy navigation and functionality – always using state of the art technology.

Our aim id brand recognition


When designing the website, a primary requirement is to ensure the user has an easy, productive and pleasant experience while navigating the site. Through researching the needs of the brand, the market and competitors, we choose design aspect which offer the user easy access to and information about the product and its services. The result is an enhanced and positive perception of the brand.


It’s vital for the content to reflect the values and the quality of the brand. That’s why we undertake quality writing and easy to read texts, which connect the brand with the public and is optimized for search engines (SEO). We also provide audiovisual material, such as illustrations, infographics, photoshoots or video production. The production of such source material is paramount in helping the brand be distinct from its competitors.



We cover independent programming requirements for the whole range of websites. Whether for companies, products or e-shops, we guarantee a smooth and precise operation; quick and easy navigation and suitably set up for search engines. For each project, our basic concern is responsive design, that is the website responds to and works on many different screens, such as smartphones and tablets.