Each brand is unique – its image ought to be just as unique

S & Team-Visual Identity

Visual Identity

The visual identity of the brand encapsulates its values, positioning, where we aspire it to go, but most importantly, its personality. It comprises all the intangible and material characteristics through which the brand is presented and introduced to its audience. Elements such as fonts, logos, packaging, colors, photography, and material design—anything seen by our audience—must align with the personality of our brand. It needs to be immediately recognizable, creating the sense and expectation of a cohesive experience.

The brand’s image is born through its story

Logo Design

The logo is the first visual contact the audience has with the brand and is of paramount importance. Our goal is to create a logo that is recognizable and effectively expresses the brand’s personality based on the elements we have derived from research.

Graphic System

We design a system that fits into the visual narrative we have created for our brand. The aim is to depict the essence and history of the brand across all applications, making it familiar to the chosen audience.

Photography & Video

When creating a brand, imagery is crucial for capturing its character. The style, color, and locations of visual material must reflect the brand. We collaborate with you and provide solutions for implementation across all communication channels. To achieve this, we take on creative direction, ensuring brand consistency.


The use of original illustrations enhances the brand’s identity. It seamlessly integrates into the storytelling process and often imparts a completely different, unique style to communication.

Spatial Design

By the term spatial design, we refer to the translation of the brand’s personality into physical space, the place where it exists and engages with its audience. The design of a booth for participation in an exhibition, the physical store of the brand, its presence at an event, and signage all contribute to providing the audience with a comprehensive experience.